User Guide to EMEP/MSC-W modelled air concentrations and depositions

Please remember to give suitable filenames to the downloaded files. Please note that the ASCII files are compatible with Excel. Definitions and acronyms for the different components can be found here.

Data Selection

Below you find a demo version of the selection boxes for retrieval of modelled air concentration and deposition data. Please note that the selection boxes on this page will not give you the possibility to download data. In order to retrieve modelled air quality data you have to return to the page EMEP/MSC-W modelled air concentrations and depositions.

The list-boxes on the page EMEP/MSC-W Model Results allow for multiple selections of Countries/Areas, Year and Chemical Components. With [CTRL]-[Left Mouse-Button] several items can be selected or deselected. With [Shift]-[Left Mouse-Button] a continuous list can be selected or deselected. When all selections are done, please press the Show Data button. If you need to redo the selection, please press the Clear All button and make your new selections. At least one item from each of the following categories needs to be selected:

Countries / Areas
Air Concentrations
Main Pollutants
Main Pollutants
Type and Format
  • Countries / Areas: This selection box contains a list of all countries reporting to the UNECE. At the top of the list there are pre-defined groups of countries:   ALL (i.e. the whole EMEP grid), EU15 (i.e. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Luxemburg), EU25 (i.e. EU15 plus Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary), EU27 (i.e. EU25 plus Romania and Bulgaria) and SHIPS (i.e. all sea areas: Baltic Sea, North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea). Below the line, the countries and areas can be selected separately. Conversion table for country codes and country names can be found here.
  • Years: Selection of the modelled years.
  • Air Concentrations, Depositions: The list-boxes in this row allow for the selection of the chemical components. For better distinction, they are split into 3 physical boxes:
    • Air Concentrations of Main Pollutants
    • Air Concentrations of PM
    • Depositions of Main Pollutants
  • Type and Format: With this option, the presentation of the data can be selected as:
    • National Totals, HTML: Overview of national totals in tables and barcharts. The national totals are calculated by extracting the data from the grid using our country-grid mapping file.
    • National Totals, semicolon-separated: National totals in a semicolon-separated list, useful for import to spreadsheet and other programs. Save this data in a file with . csv extension.
    • Grid (50x50 km2), semicolon-separated: Gridded data in the EMEP grid, useful for import to spreadsheet and other programs. Save this data in a file with . csv extension.
    • Grid (50x50 km2), graphical map: Map in stereographic projection of the EMEP grid. This option will give only one map. All years and components will be added to this map, which might lead to unexpected results!